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SterillizerMontreal is home to some of Canada's finest and most popular spas and salons. Many offer a range of services, from massage to facials, aromatherapy to pedicures, and from body wraps to waxing. One service that's gained in popularity in recent years is permanent makeup application. If you're considering applying permanent makeup, this article may answer some of your questions.
Perhaps you've noticed your eyebrows fading and becoming sparse, or your lips losing colour. Maybe vision challenges or conditions such as arthritis are making it difficult for you to apply makeup easily. Perhaps allergies mean that it's impossible for you to wear conventional makeup. Or maybe you're seeking the ease and convenience that wearing permanent makeup can lend to your busy lifestyle. Whatever your reasons for opting for permanent makeup may be, you're sure to be able to find a skilled micro-pigmentation specialist to help you in the Montreal area.
Permanent makeup procedures cost from $300 - $500, and require very little time or preparation. The average procedure takes approximately forty minutes to perform, and the results are instant. (You should note that the colour will appear dark immediately after the procedure, but will fade within a few days to a more subtle shade.) Your professional should be able to offer you a range of colours to choose from.
The pigment should be applied with a digitally controlled computer tattoo machine. Beware of any technician who uses an electric tattoo "pen”; this device will not deliver pigment to the right depth, which will lead to various problems. Ask your technician about sterilization protocols – better salons use an autoclave to clean equipment, and personnel wear gloves. Fresh needles and pigment are absolutely essential.
There is mild discomfort associated with the procedures, but most professionals will minimize this by applying a topical anaesthetic.
The benefits of permanent makeup are obvious – who can argue with durable, long lasting beauty enhancement that remains fresh and attractive twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week? Visit your Montreal-area salon today, and explore the many advantages of permanent makeup.
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